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Trucker’s Fuel Tax and More is here to keep you on the road and off the paperwork. Our goal is to take everything but the driving out of being a truck driver. We offer IFTA tax reporting, BOC-3 Filing, UCR, MCS-150 Updates, and State Permits.

Regardless of what state you are in, our BOC-3 filing will cover you for the entire continental United States. We are a registed blanket agent with the FMCSA and will file your BOC-3 electronically immediately upon receiving your submission. You will also receive a copy of the BOC-3 form,

Motor carriers involved in interstate commerce, and other businesses subject to Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) are required to submit annual fees based on fleet size to supplement funding for state highway motor carrier registration and safety programs.

2022 (UCR) Unified Carrier Registration for all fleet sizes is now open

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